Little Rock mayoral candidate Steve Landers talks about crime, taxes and salary


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — You may see his name on the lots, but Steve Landers has been out of the car business for years now.

Now he’s seeking to enter a new field: Public office.

Landers joined the upcoming 2022 Little Rock Mayoral race on Sept. 15.

He’s been vocal about concerns he says the city is facing, from crime to infrastructure to not knowing where tax dollars are going.

There is no doubt he has seen great success in the private sector, but can that translate to success at city hall?

“You’ve often said the automobile business is not the car business it’s people business,” Landers said. “Politics the same? Well, I’m not a politician, but I don’t think people want a politician. I think they want someone who will lead. I’m a commonsense leader and I will lead with common sense.”

On crime, Landers says common sense will tell anybody the city needs more police and proactive programs as well as solid support.

“We must make it a safer city — our city is not safe I don’t care what anybody tells you, the numbers show the city is not safe,” Landers said. “We have to work on that I have ways to do that I will work on that immediately.”

He said that the morale in the city is low right now.

“I spent my business, all my life getting morale up, ” Landers said.

His business has given Landers name recognition few others could buy. He says it didn’t start with money and that’s the foundation he’ll put under city hall.

“When I go into the mayor’s office, I’m not going to be a guy who sits at a desk,” Landers said. “I’m going to be out on the streets looking at the drainage problems the crime problems the pothole problems the things that the city needs”

Landers didn’t discuss lowering or raising taxes but did say the people of Little Rock should clearly see where their money is going.

“Spend that tax money wisely,” Lander said. “We don’t want to play a shell game. We need to let people know what’s going on.”

He’s upfront on where the mayor’s salary will go.

“There will be a salary,” Landers said. “I don’t know what it is. We’ll share it or give it back to the community or do whatever, But I will share whatever they pay me. I’m not doing it for the pay, I’m doing it to help everybody. I’m doing it for everyone.”

Also running for Little Rock mayor are Little Rock publisher Greg Henderson and Mayor Frank Scott Jr., who is expected to seek a second term.

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