Lowering The Tax Burden on Little Rock Residents

The Burden of High & Unnecessary Taxes

The cost of living is the highest that it’s been in decades. The prices of essential goods increase every day, and everyone is struggling.  

Last year, the current mayor tried to make this situation worse. By increasing sales taxes, his failed proposal would have added an estimated $300 to each household’s monthly expenses, making it even harder for struggling families.

Protecting the Wallets of Little Rock Citizens

Steve Landers knows that you work hard for your pay and believes there is no reason for a tax hike. As your mayor, he will:

Like many Little Rock residents, Steve has been in tough circumstances, struggling to make ends meet. As a business leader, he’s worked tirelessly to help others make a living to provide for their families with good-paying jobs. In fact, when the car industry sank in the early 1990s, he didn’t take a salary for an entire year and found ways to keep staff employed.
As a leader, he’s proved himself able to make tough decisions and solve complex problems.

Steve Understands the Struggle

Little Rock Needs a Proven Leader

Little Rock needs a proven leader, and Steve Landers is that guy. Vote Steve Landers for mayor on November 8th!