Making Little Rock a Better Place To Live

It’s Time For Change

There are many improvements that Little Rock’s infrastructure desperately needs. However, the current short-term fixes are not enough. Little Rock needs someone to come in and implement long-term solutions. That person is Steve Landers.

Providing The Long-Term Solutions Little Rock Needs

Steve Landers has ideas to improve Little Rock’s infrastructure with long-term solutions to ensure that we get the most out of our tax dollars and that our city’s problems are truly resolved. Steve plans to improve infrastructure through:

Little Rock is Steve’s city, and he wants it to be one that every resident can take pride in. Steve believes that if we want our city to grow and thrive, we must get our infrastructure right.

Turning Little Rock Into a City We Can Take Pride In

The Leadership You Deserve

Little Rock has so much potential, but it needs the right leadership. Vote Steve Landers for mayor of Little Rock in the November 8th election, and get a leader with 50 years of experience.