Spending Money Wisely & Transparently

No More Wasting Money

Steve believes that current leadership wastes money on things that aren’t important and doesn’t spend enough on the areas that need it most.

You Deserve to Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going

Steve knows that you work hard for your money and wants to recognize that hard work by spending your tax dollars wisely and transparently. He plans to allocate funding to:

Steve Landers is not a politician. To Steve, becoming mayor is not a political stepping stone or a reason to get a paycheck. In fact, as mayor, Steve intends to share his salary and give it back to the community to help implement changes and serve the citizens of Little Rock.

Serving & Providing for the Communities of Little Rock

Leading Little Rock To A Bright Future

Steve brings 50 years of leadership experience to the table. Vote Steve Landers for mayor of Little Rock on November 8th, and see how he can lead our city into a brighter future.