Bringing Little Rock Back To Its Glory Days

Helping Little Rock Reach Its Full Potential

The city of Little Rock faces many problems, but it still has so much potential. Steve is prepared to help Little Rock reach its full potential and better the quality of life for every community in Little Rock.

Improving Life for Every Resident

Steve wants to make life better for every resident so everyone can enjoy living in Little Rock, no matter what ward they reside in. As mayor, he plans on:

To help Little Rock reach its full potential, we must stand unified as a city, solving problems for every community. However, these solutions cannot be done solely by the city council. This must be a team effort of business leaders, church leaders, community leaders, and industry experts.

Ready To Put the Unity in Community

Help Bring Back the Little Rock We Know & Love

Steve is ready to better the communities of Little Rock, but he can’t do it alone! Vote Steve Landers for Mayor of Little Rock on November 8th.