Steve’s Background

A Successful Leader Who Is Ready To Serve His City.

Steve Landers is a family man and a successful businessman in the city of Little Rock. After starting his business career by selling newspapers on a street corner at 5-years-old, he went on to purchase over 70 auto dealerships, making him one of the most respected and dynamic personalities in the automotive world.

More Than a Salesman

Steve is ready to put the same hard work and dedication that he’s always had into the role of mayor of Little Rock. Although many recognize him as a car salesman, Steve Landers stands for much more.


Steve Landers has fought for the underdog all his life. As mayor, Steve promises to stand in the gap & fight for innocent people, battle the epidemic gang violence in the city, and represent lower & middle-class residents.


Steve is a proven leader who has used management skills to help recently paroled felons and addicts restore their lives, along with a business sense that earned him titles such as the “largest Chrysler dealer in the world.” Steve has demonstrated leadership skills in various ways, from creating jobs to lending a hand and partnering with charities & businesses to help them thrive.


Little Rock is Steve’s city. He sees the problems it faces – high crime rates, the need for new roads, and a current rut that keeps industry and businesses away. At the end of the day, Steve is a lot like you– a taxpayer who wants to see his family safe and his city thriving. That means a prosperous city for you, your children, and your grandchildren.


Steve supports people and solutions over parties. He is proud to have Democrats, Republicans, and independent party members on his team because it supports his purpose of bringing people of all different backgrounds together for one goal— to help Little Rock realize its bright future.

That's What Steve Said

If you want a politician, I’m not your guy. I do not believe in doing the same things over and over if they’re not working or in electing politicians that want to use their position as a stepping stone.

Serving Little Rock is my only interest.

Always Doing the Right Thing

With plans to retire, Steve sold his auto dealerships more than five years ago, but with time to get out, enjoy the city, and visit with other Little Rock residents, he realized the city was at a tipping point. Violent crime is up 38%, and Little Rock residents overwhelmingly defeated a tax hike vote. 

Steve has a passion for fixing what needs to be fixed. He deeply cares about Little Rock and wants to use his experience to tackle the community’s problems and bring the city to its full potential.